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The regular monthly meeting of the NSWCD will be held at its usual location in the USDA building (20 N. 2nd St. Clayton, NM 88415) @ 10:00 am.   

These meetings are OPEN Meetings in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. If there are any changes it will be posted not only here on our website but also at the front door of the USDA bldg. and on our Facebook page.

Next Meetings:

December 11th @ 10:00 am 

January 8th @ 10:00 am 


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Office Located in: Clayton, NM

Phone: 575-374-9461


*Find us on Facebook @ Northeasternswcd

& on Instagram @northeastern_swcd *


The Northeastern Soil and Water Conservation District greatly values its community and has a number of resources available for the convenience of residents and visitors alike! Our goal is to engage people with actions that keep our air, water, soil, habitats, and farmland healthy for all.

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20 North Second Street

Clayton, NM 88415

(575) - 374 - 9461 (Ext. 3)

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