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We are so excited to have our annual tree sales! Our tree sale last year was a success and we are hoping to get in even more this year with a slightly different collection available for purchase! 

Our list of trees to order should be available within a week!  Keep a look out!!!

Please know that we are attempting to streamline our tree sales and if possible ask that you pay by check when you pick up your trees. Please make checks payable to: NSWCD


FYI: unfortunately our nureseries we purchase from cannot always guarantee an exact number of certain trees ordered. Please know that we will do our best to get you all the trees you need and want but may have to do substitutions and will let you know if that is the case!

Forest Trees
Web capture_2-2-2024_143958_.jpeg

Feel free to copy and print our order form  to the left or download this pdf version here: 

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